If you want to go far, go together

There is an African proverb that says, 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Getting as far as Tengboche has been a real team effort. A combination of enthusiasm, support, kindness and determination. 
We have a large group which presents benefits as well as challenges but by supporting each other both mentally and physically we have stayed together and come a long way.

On reaching Tengboche, team spirits were high. This was compounded by one of the best views of Mount Everest possible. Even the locals came out to take pictures and selfies – the sign of a truly rare spectacle. 

We spent time in the largest monastery of the region and listened to the chanting of the local monks. One of whom Mark has known since 2004. It must be an incredible solitary existence living at 3,867m in the heart of the Himalayas, miles from developed civilisation. 

One perk the monks do enjoy though, is one of the highest bakeries in the world! Serving extremely tasty apple pie. It was surreal to sit with new found friends and kindred spirits, looking at a 360 degree mountain panorama on the roof of the world – while tucking into a delicious freshly baked apple pie. A memory I will treasure. 

From Tengboche we will travel yet higher into the Himalayas, to the remote mountain village of Pheriche at 4,200m. 

The route took as through a rhododendron forest at the bottom of the valley, which after a few hours of trekking gave way to windswept mountainside. The change in terrain was dramatic and the contrast stark. 

After five hours of ascending a few hundred metres into high altitude, the team was ready for a well deserved rest day. 
Somehow Pheriche is home to not only a well provisioned wooden lodge, but also a full size snooker table! 

The team swapped tales, grabbed some morning mountain sun, played cards and knocked some balls around. Our bodies further acclimatising to very high altitude. 

Tomorrow will be a challenging day as we ascend a further 700m across a glacier. If we make it to Lobuche at 4,930m there is a good chance we will make it to one of our key destinations – Everest Base Camp – the following day which will be Wednesday 20 September 2017. 

Stay tuned to find out if we make it. 🏔

Author: Adventure Travel Alex

Adventure Travel Writer

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