Traversing the Chola Pass at 4,900m

Mist descended on the pass as our expedition set out from Pheriche to Leboche. The journey took us on an ascent of 700m to over 4,900m.


We had woken to stunning mountain panoramas that encircle the valley that is home to Pheriche. 

The path rose steadily all day leading us into increasingly barren terrain. It was now that I truly felt that we were reaching the roof of the world. 

After just a few quick steps, you become breathless. Your limbs and backpack feel heavier. Very quickly the world shrinks to just you, your trek mates and the mountain. 

Once in a rhythm the challenge of putting one foot in front of the other decreases. I found myself entering almost a meditative state as I focussed on my breathing and moving forwards. Always forwards into the misty, grey expanse of the Chola Pass. 

Suddenly the path flattened, curved and dropped slightly to reveal water, yaks grazing and our destination Leboche. 

A basic yet cosy lodge at Lobuche will be our launch pad tomorrow as we ascend yet further through this harsh environment to Everest Base Camp. 

An eight hour trek up 456m to 5,356m will get us there! 

Author: Adventure Travel Alex

Adventure Travel Writer

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